About us

Are you interested in African music, in fashion, in street art or in literature? If so, you have found the right Website! Hello, jambo, sawubona, akwaba, bon jour, hi there!

Why afrika4teens? Youth culture and creative communities tremendously change Africa. Therefore we used the number 4 for the word “afrika4teens”. 4 stands for creative, wild, innovative, humorous. Since ten years we promote African literature and culture in the media. African writers and musicians told us their stories and supported our audio book series on African literature and fairy tales. We start now with a forum for European and African creative minds and search for the trends which are actually changing Africa: we look for the new fashion trends, for street art that makes African streets and houses more colorful, we search for new trends in African music and interesting topics that are discussed in African blogs.

afrika4teens means work in progress. We want things to stay influx. We need your impulses, suggestions and thoughts.

Join us and become part of Africa’s move. We are looking forward to receiving your comments, critical remarks, pictures or movies!