Surfing contest in South Africa

In July, when the southern hemisphere prevails, it attracts legions of surfers to South Africa. You can surf almost anywhere on the southern coast, but the hotspot is located in Jeffrey Bay, near Port Elizabeth. Every year in July, the professional surfcontest takes place here. In South Africa the competition Wintercontest is called, because at that time prevails on the southern hemisphere winter. For surfing fans the wave of J-Bay is legendary.

The endless summer with the super wave

The first Surffilm “The Endless Summer” shows a surfing adventure in the J-Bay in South Africa. The film is from the sixties, at the time the waves were still on the longboard. Since then, much has changed, not only in the discipline, but also in South Africa and the J-Bay. South Africa today is a cosmopolitan country with equal rights for all. The hunger for the perfect wave has remained. “The Endless Summer” has encouraged many surfers to travel to Africa. The film has set a “surf-and-travel” culture off the mass beaches set in motion. Today the South African Jeffreys Bay offers the best surfing conditions in Africa. From the small nest became now a hip small town with comfortable resorts with a sea view.

Why surfing is cool in the Jeffreys Bay

JeffreyBay (c) NJR ZA

JeffreyBay (c) NJR ZA
Jeffreys Bay was founded in 1849. The name is derived from J.A. Jeffreys, a whaler who ran a shop at this point. The city is located on the picturesque Garden Route. The nature here is almost untouched. Dolphins swim in the bay, humpback whales appear from time to time. In the immediate vicinity are the nature reserves Kabeljous Nature Reserve and Seekoei River Nature Reserve. Originally a sleepy fishing village, the 20,000-inhabitant town has now become a popular destination for surfers.


The largest surfing contest in Africa, the Billabong Pro J-Bay, which has been held for 25 years, has contributed significantly to this. Here are the 45 best surfers of the ASP World Tour to get prizes and world championship points. Within the waiting period, three race days are necessary to determine the winner. So the organizers have plenty of time to wait for the best conditions in the Bay of Jeffreys Bay to guarantee the spectacular surfaction the masses expect.

On the beach of Jeffreys Bay hundreds of people are watching the surf show every day. And masses are actually, who populate the place at the Contestzeit. During the Billabong Pro, Jeffreys Bay has all the rooms. In addition to the many surfers, there are more and more tourists who want to experience the wild surf lifestyle. They get their money’s worth, because each evening is beach party with people from all over the world.


Where else can you surf in Africa?

For Europeans, Morocco is the next destination. From November to March the country is an ideal winter destination in the northwest of Africa with constant waves. Morocco has long enjoyed an excellent reputation as a surf destination and attracts professionals in winter. From Essaouira, via Taghazout to deep into the Western Sahara, the country has countless first class spots for all tastes and levels.

In Ghana and the Ivory Coast, you are at a tropical temperature and experience an incomparable surf adventure on deserted beaches. The fantastic wave conditions in Senegal were also shown in “The Endless Summer”. Around the Almadies peninsula are good to world-class breaks more than enough.

For surfers also Cape Verde, Mauritius and La Réunion offer good to very good surfing conditions. Here, sustainable tourism is cultivated, there are surf schools and the resorts are not overrun.

Another insider tip for adventurous surfers is Mozambique. The tropical country on the Indian Ocean has paradisiacal beaches not yet developed by the tourism industry. Some of the best spots are located around the small fishing village of Tofo.