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Browse our pages for your favorite books. Each novel category contains several chapters which you can read and listen to. Write a review on your favorite African books or movies. Who are your favorite African musicians or pop groups? You can also send us an audio file with your comments.

Do you like to hear music or do you love to make music or movies?

Send us your audio or video file with your comments preferably in mp4 format. Have you already been to Africa? Send us your travel journal, pictures or movies. Do youcome from Africa or doyour parents originally come from an African country? Tell us about your country. Send us your impressions about Europe. Do you like your school or your job, do you enjoy what you do with your friends. Whatdo you like most and what do you dislike.

Do you like to write commentaries?

Do you want to report on political events, to comment on pop or music festivals, movies or sporting events? You can upload your contribution or your report as a video.

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