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Publisher and Editor in Chief: Angelika Hacker (V.i.S.v. § 55 RStV)

Responsible for Content reg. § 10 Absatz 3 MDStV: Angelika Hacker

The website is based on an audio book series with African fables and fairy tales, edited by Angelika Hacker, who writes and loves stories. She also has enhanced by interactive maps, informations on African countries and the browsergame “The Bushpilotes”. She has developed the website in an age-appropriate environment that encourages curiosity and exploration. Contact: angelika.hacker (at) scala-z (punkt) de  

Who has programmed and illustrated

Illustration and Webdesign  AnimationArts, Christian Fischer and Marco Zeugner are experts in game developing and illustration Web Development Mike Platzer kontakt (at) mikeplatzer (punkt) de * Rebas Khalifa (at) gmail (punkt) com Video-Auswahl und Bearbeitung: Ulrich Krenkler ulrich.krenkler (at) scala-z (punkt) de  Musik: Adjiri Odametey Adjiri (at) plus.cablesurf (punkt) de * Jali Yusupha Kuyateh  Jali (at) kuyateh (punkt) de Mamadou Diabaté Koraspieler admin(at) mamadoukora (punkt) com * Mamadou Diabaté Balafonspieler mamadoudiabate (at) Jimdo (punkt) com  Video selection and editing: Ulrich Krenkler is an author and editor ulrich.krenkler (at) scala-z (punkt) de Artwork: Navina Pernsteiner navina (at) posteo (punkt) de * Felix Mitterer

Who makes the music?

Music: Both musicions come from Ghana, and both Adjiri Odametey, Jali Yusupha Kuyateh Adjiri (at) plus.cablesurf (punkt) de * Jali (at) kuyateh (punkt) de

Translations: Kenn Rabin kenn (at) fulcrummediaservices (punkt) com, Amy McDonald * a.mcdonald.2 (at) warwick (punkt) * Merel van Bezouwen  merel.lisbeth (at) gmx (punkt) de * David Elz elz.david (at) yahoo (punkt) de * Michele Rossouw michelerossouw (at) gmail (punkt) com * Angelika Hacker angelika.hacker (at) scala-z (punkt) de

Who did the photos?

Special thanks to the many photographers and Africa experts, whose photos contribute to Find out more about who did which photo

Who promotes

Special thanks to „Ein Netz für Kinder“, the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) and das Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (BMFSFJ) who promoted and as well as the browsergame The Bushpilots.

Who has the Copyright of

SCALA Z MEDIA GMBH | Bazeillesstr. 9 | 81669 München Tel.: 089-4470023 Fax: 089-4481458 E-Mail: mail (at) scala-z (punkt) de Gf.: Angelika Hacker HRB München Nr.74169 Ust.IDNr.: DE129456556 angelika.hacker (at) scala-z (punkt) de;  Handlungsbevollmächtigter: Ulrich Krenkler ulrich.krenkler (at) scala-z (punkt) de

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