On our own behalf…

some of you may already know africa4teens, because it once was part of From now on africa4teens goes its own  path but there are still strong links between the two sister-websites. africa4teens is made for people between 11 and 111. As before we will report about news in politics, culture, environmental protection and the protection of Africa’s wildlife. But we have updated the website for teens thanks to the fact that Africa is a continent in change.

There is a fascinating development going on in Africa’s urban centers, inspired by a young generation, that wants to create a new culture and life style. This movement has ititiated new trends in streetart, film, music, fashion and social media of Africa and we will report about it.

We want you to take part in africa4teens, the website is designed to represent various opinions and voices, so your contributions are very welcome. We see forward to your contributions

Angelika and the africa4teens team